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In 1972 in Highland Park, Aurelio Landscaping was started out by Gusto Aurelio Sorentino.  He brought with him co-owner and stone mason expert, Luigi Ruffolo from their native country of Italy.  Collectively, they have carried on growing their company with wonderful success.  Nowadays the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area acknowledges them as the primary and most trusted landscape construction and lawn maintenance business in the area.  For more than 40 years, we have already been able to gratify many customers, which have made us their brick paving company of choice.  When clients contact Aurelio Landscaping, they can presume to receive greatest in quality skillfulness.  It is apparent that the brick patio work we carry out is a direct portrayal of our guidelines as a paving company.  It is not shocking that customer complete satisfaction is so important to us considering that every single constructive review we obtain; our paving company’s track-record is even more exemplified.  We have the experience and background to ensure that we will finish off a brick patio, employing the most ideal brick pavers, paving stones, and concrete stones required.  By doing this, we can be comfortable that a brick patio project will be total depiction of our customers’ personal preferences and unique tastes.  As experts in the brick patio industry, Aurelio Landscaping is highly qualified and geared up to take care of any type of brick patio project that our Glencoe clients bring us.


Glencoe Brick Pavers

Glencoe, Illinois is an affluent village found in cook County with just about 8,725 locals, which is pretty close to the home of Aurelio Landscaping.  You will learn that the Glencoe residents are without doubt zealous to be able to boost the charm of their homes and setting by having brick pavers and paving stones, the exact same as the ones we have now in supply.  Normally, our Glencoe customers are enthralled by our paving company’s help with aiding them with their one-of-a-kind brick patio endeavors.  This really is when our extraordinary staff can make its way into the arena.  The Glencoe families know that our paving company will offer a sensible way to greatly improve their homes’ existence and reinforce their home’s worth just by installing a brick patio with our awe-inspiring brick pavers or even our beautiful paving stones.  Also, Glencoe residents can expect our gorgeous brick pavers and concrete pavers to be long lasting and maintenance-free.  They’ll also achieve the utmost specifications of our most distinct Glencoe clients.  It doesn’t matter of the array or size of your Glencoe brick paver project because our highly-qualified Aurelio Landscaping brick patio installers will be able to care for it from the starting point all the way to the finish line.


Glencoe Concrete Pavers

Having a brand-new, beautiful brick patio will give you many years of enjoyment and make your home’s exterior look even more beautiful!  Aurelio Landscaping is highly-regarded for utilizing only the finest quality of concert pavers and brick pavers for every construction project.  Many years ago, we realized that the framework of every prosperous project is because of the finest quality of the materials that were used!  With that said, it is also why our Glencoe clients keep on coming back to our leading paving company down the line.  Our customers have total faith in us because we use only the finest-quality of brick paving stones, brick pavers, and concrete pavers for every brick patio venture.  Additionally, Aurelio Landscaping is mostly known for presenting authentic, concise rates, devoid of including anything at all extra, and you won’t find any infuriating sales’ pitches either.  Using the services of our paving company, you are going to get economical pricing, each and every single time.  We have the understanding that you can’t fulfill customer satisfaction without using only the best of quality materials!  For this reason, we are really pleased to have each one!  To fully-grasp all about our astonishing brick pavers and attractive paving stones, just provide us with a call, Aurelio Landscaping: (847) 417-3233.

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