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Aurelio Landscaping is based in Highland Park and was started by Gusto Aurelio Sorentino back in 1972.  When he started, he took along with him his specialized stone mason skills directly from his native country – Italy.  Combined with co-owner, Luigi Ruffolo, they have continued developing a company created for accomplishments.  Now, we are deemed as the top landscape construction and lawn maintenance business based within the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area.  We have been pleasing customers for in excess of 40 years as their top choice brick paving company.  Each time customers contact with Aurelio Landscaping, they can always assume to get a hold of the best in quality skillfulness.  It is quite clear that the brick patio work we carryout is a direct reflection of our ideals as a paving company.  It is no big shock that customer total satisfaction is so important to us since with every favorable review we receive; our paving company’s name is further more documented.  No two projects are equivalent.  We are able to utilize our historical past and experience to ensure that we carry out a brick patio, by utilizing the most ideal brick pavers, paving stones and concrete stones asked for in the plans.  Because of that, we can rest assured that our brick patio project will be a precise representation of our customers’ overall tastes and likes.  As brick patio specialists, Aurelio Landscaping is more than qualified and well-equipped to handle all sorts of brick patio projects our Glenview customers bring over to us.


Glenview Brick Pavers

Glenview, Illinois is an affluent suburban village found in Cook County with approximately 44,700 citizens.  Not far is where you will find the home of Aurelio Landscaping in Highland Park. With this said, Glenview residents are typically excited to better the beauty of their homes and their environment with brick pavers and paving stones, such as the ones we supply.  Obviously, Glenview customers are always interested in the advice of our paving company to assist them with their brick patio work.  That’s where our qualified staff enters the picture.  Glenview households are aware that our paving company provides them a sensible way to improve their homes’ aesthetically and increase their home’s value with a brick patio, using our stunning brick pavers or paving stones.  Furthermore, Glenview residents can count on our brick pavers and concrete pavers to be essentially maintenance-free and long-lasting.  They will also satisfy the highest expectations of even our most distinct Glenview clients. Despite the size or scale of your Glenview brick paver project, the highly-capable brick patio contractors at Aurelio Landscaping can handle it from beginning to finish.


Glenview Concrete Pavers

A lovely new brick patio doesn’t only offer you many years of enjoyment, but it will even add to your home’s curb appeal!  Aurelio Landscaping is quite known for using only the best brick pavers and concrete pavers for its construction plans.  We have discovered years ago that the groundwork of every successful project does have to right to the over-all quality of the materials made use of!  Also, it’s what keeps our Glenview clients coming back over and over to our paving company.  Our customers are aware that they can always rely on us using only the very best brick pavers, brick paving stones and concrete pavers for every single one their brick patio projects.  Furthermore, Aurelio Landscaping is extensively regarded for giving genuine, basic pricing, without having any add-ons and no stressful sales’ pitches.  With our paving company, you can always rely on obtaining the most competitive price, each and every time.  We do know that you will not be able to have customer complete satisfaction without first-class materials!  That is why we are so proud to have both!  To find out about our fantastic brick pavers and brilliant paving stones, get in contact with Aurelio Landscaping today at: (847) 417-3233.

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