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When Gusto Aurelio Sorentino started up Aurelio Landscaping found in Highland Park in 1972, he took with him his particular stone mason abilities directly from his home country – Italy.  In addition with co-owner, Luigi Ruffolo, they have carried on developing a company designed for accomplishments.  Presently, we are acknowledged as the premier landscape construction and lawn maintenance business situated in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area.  We have been fulfilling customers for well over 40 years as their choice brick paving company.  At any time customers get in contact with Aurelio Landscaping, they can assume to get the absolute best in quality artistry.  It is evident that the brick patio work we do is a direct expression of our principles as a paving company.  It is no wonder that customer satisfaction is so essential to us especially since with every favorable review we get; our paving company’s name is further recorded.  No two projects are comparable.  We are able to implement our qualifications and experience to ensure that we accomplish a brick patio, utilizing the appropriate paving stones, brick pavers and concrete stones required in the plans.  Doing this, we can be assured that our brick patio task will be a correct expression of our customers’ tastes and likes.  As brick patio experts, Aurelio Landscaping is highly-qualified and prepared to take care of all of the brick patio projects our Gurnee customers provide us.


Gurnee Brick Pavers

Gurnee, Illinois can be located right in Lake County with over 31,000 individuals residing in Gurnee.  And, the home to Aurelio Landscaping based close by from it. Regardless, Gurnee residents are always excited to augment the beauty of their homes and their environment with brick pavers and paving stones, for instance the ones we provide.  Normally, Gurnee customers are always keen on the great assistance of our paving company to support them with their brick patio projects.  This is where our skilled staff comes in the picture.  Gurnee families are aware that our paving company offers them a useful way to better their homes’ successfully and strengthen their home’s overall value with a brick patio, using our fantastic brick pavers or paving stones.  Furthermore, Gurnee residents can always count on our brick pavers and concrete pavers to be in essence maintenance free and long lasting.  They will also fulfill the highest standards of even our most distinct Gurnee clients. Despite the scale or size of your Gurnee brick paver venture, the highly-capable brick patio contractors at Aurelio Landscaping can take care of it from start to finish.

Gurnee Concrete Pavers

A beautiful brand new brick patio won’t just present you with a number of years of pleasure, but it will also add your home’s charm!  Aurelio Landscaping is acknowledged for only using the best brick pavers and concrete pavers for its construction projects.  We discovered years back that the foundation of every productive project applies right to the quality of the materials utilized!  Also, it is what keeps our Highland Park clients coming back again to our paving company.  Our customers are aware that they can always depend on us making use of only the most ideal brick pavers, brick paving stones and concrete pavers for every single one their brick patio initiatives.  Moreover, Aurelio Landscaping is widely recognized for furnishing honest, simple pricing, with no add-ons and no tense sales’ pitches.  Using our paving company, you can always count on receiving the very best price, every time.  We have an understanding that you will not be able to have customer full satisfaction without first class materials!  That’s why we are so proud to have both!  To discover more about our fantastic brick pavers and wonderful paving stones, call up Aurelio Landscaping now at: (847) 417-3233.

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