Aurelio Landscaping has raised the bar in designing landscapes that compliment or even better a residential property’s appeal. Aurelio Landscape’s landscape construction always involves the highest quality plants and materials. We are able to do this by working directly with local plant nurseries and growers in the Chicago North Shore area. This also gives us access to unique and specific types of plants and materials so we can give your new landscape construction a custom finish!

The landscape construction process starts with an initial meeting with one of Aurelio Landscaping’s designers. This meeting will include:

  • A site analysis
  • A needs assessment
  • An initial exploration of design possibilities

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A unique, custom design is created, which is then presented to the client for approval. Only after the client’s complete approval will Aurelio Landscaping begin to install and work on the new landscape.

Aurelio Landscaping’s Residential Landscaping services include:

  • Complete landscape construction and plant installation
  • Hardscapes and Stonework including BBQs and Fire Pits
  • Concrete
  • Fireplaces
  • Brick and stone paving and retaining walls
  • Seasonal color displays
  • Holiday displays
  • Rooftop and balcony containers
  • Sprucing up existing flower beds
  • Masonry
  • Tree Services
  • Entryways and Walkways
  • Water Systems
  • Plant Material and Sod Installation
  • Garden ponds and water features
  • Seasonal color programs