Does it feel like no matter what you do your lawn is still brown and patchy? Maintaining your lawn can be time consuming and counterproductive if you do not know how to properly grow and maintain grass. Aurelio Landscaping has been offering flexible lawn care to Chicago’s North Shore for 40 years. Our lawn maintenance services are guaranteed to make your lawn look beautiful and healthy.

Aurelio Landscaping meets with all our clients to see the property and better understand what sort of landscape the client would like to see on their property.

Aurelio Landscaping specializes in personalized maintenance programs that feature:

  • Weekly mow/edge/trimming
  • Weeding and bed cultivation
  • Seasonal Color Programs
  • Masonry
  • Licensed pesticide applicators and operators
  • Aeration, power raking, and overseeding
  • Fertilization programs for turf and planting beds
  • Hedge trimming and pruning
  • Mulch and compost services
  • Spring and fall cleanups
  • Plant health care using integrated pest management techniques